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Discover the I-1200S

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The 'Flippable' HD Pro Conference Camera 

The I-1200S HD is a flippable camera equipped with 1080p broadcast technology and  a 120°wide viewing range angle, it is suitable for different size video conferences whether for business, education, telemedicine, family and entertainment. 


It is simple to operate and does not require the installation of a driver, and is compatible with all kinds of common online video meeting software, such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and most all others.


The 1080P HD camera is specifically engineered for high quality Internet video meetings, with high definition real-time synchronization with clear flowing video images making video conferences feel real, giving users a high-quality experience.I


Its design and style are beautiful and robust with a thin electrostatic powder  metal housing with a fine feature red ring around the circumference of the external housing.  The structure is compact and robust with an adjustable shooting angle.. It is light and can be placed anywhere over a monitor or wall mountable. An available optional food stand is available.

Installation is easy. Just plug the I-1200 to a PC via the included USB cable, select the input device on the PC and you are good to go.






  • Flippable for upside down ceiling mounting

  • 1080P HD Camera with 120°wide range shooting angle


  • Clear and smooth fluid video picture

  • Mechanically adjustable lens

  • The lens can be adjusted vertical -30 to 30 degree and horizontally -150 to 150 degree, enabling flexible shooting angles in any room

  • Network camera technology supporting  web based  video meetings, such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts and others

  • Easy operation. No need for a driver, just  plug USB and call

  • Strong bezel clip is suitable for different screen sizes and thicknesses

  • Wall or stand mountable 



3 Years  .

1st Year Replacement

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