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Hong Kong Central, the home of Bull Gemini Holdings Limited



Who are we?

We are Core Telesys Limited, a Hong Kong company and a subsidiary by Bull gemini Holdings Limited, one of the investment arms of Nadahl Shocair, the long time global technology and telecommunications expert. The Agreement between the parties was executed in April 2020. 


Core Telesys' entry into the video conferencing market came when a decision was made in 2018 into the venture agreement with Innotrik  to develop the market and brand of highly advanced conferencing products which are affordable to small and medium business, or to any organization who is  budget conscious, as most existing systems on the market are not affordable to most businesses.  As part of the this agreement,  Core Telesys will exclusive agreement to provide these advanced conferencing products to the European, Australian and South American markets through distribution and developing the brand against its main competitors










Shenzhen - the technology hardware development center or the world 


Why did Bull Gemini Holdings through its Core Telesys arm invest in developing the Innotrik brand and build distribution in Europe, Australia and South America? 


In the opinion of Core Telesys, Innotrik and Yinluo echo cancellation algorithm technology should be considered as an option alongside the leading brands in the across the world such as Logitech and Polycom.

Innotrik is a known domestic Chinese audio and video conference hardware solution provider but with weak presence in th international marketThrough joint development of echo cancellation algorithm software with many national laboratories in Canada and the United States, the company has reached  significant domestic development of echo cancellation algorithms. Its development moved from audio only to now provide audio-visual conference products and solutions leveraging internet based platforms (Zoom, Skype, Webex, etc.) 


INNOTRIK was established in 2009, formerly known as "INNOTRIK Technology R & D Team". In 2010, the core algorithm was successfully developed and officially registered as Shenzhen Yinluo Technology Co., Ltd. In 2012, Yinluo's first-generation echo cancellation algorithm achieved product-level landing, and successfully launched the PSTN octopus product. In 2014, the second generation echo cancellation algorithm of Yinluo achieved product-level performance, and it successfully launched the omnidirectional microphone series of wireless video conference that soon became the best-selling product on the Chinese domestic the market. In 2015, Yinluo continued to increase investment in R & D funds, and opened R & D centers in Beijing and Nanjing to successfully develop its algorithm technology and product technology in layers. In 2016, Yinluo began to study image algorithms and intelligent equipment, and the company's first product equipped with a video camera began. In 2017, Yinluo Technology intelligent equipment began to sell complete audio and video technology solutions.


Yinluo Technology is a national high-tech enterprise with dozens of intellectual property rights including trademarks, invention patents, utility model patents, appearance patents and software copyrights. Yinluo Technology is an ISO9001 standard enterprise, which has passed the certification of China's national CCC, Network Access License, US FCC, EU CE, RoHS, Canadian IC and other country certifications.

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