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Shenzhen Innotrik headquarters



Shenzhen - the technology hardware development center or the world 


Innotrik®  in Asia sits alongside the leading brands such as Logitech and Polycom.


INNOTRIK®  was established in 2009, formerly known as "INNOTRIK Technology R & D Team". In 2010, the core algorithm was successfully developed and officially registered as Shenzhen Yinluo Technology Co., Ltd. In 2012, Yinluo's first-generation echo cancellation algorithm achieved product-level landing, and successfully launched the PSTN octopus product. In 2014, the second generation echo cancellation algorithm of Yinluo achieved product-level performance, and it successfully launched the omnidirectional microphone series of wireless video conference that soon became the best-selling product on the Chinese domestic the market. In 2015, Yinluo continued to increase investment in R & D funds, and opened R & D centers in Beijing and Nanjing to successfully develop its algorithm technology and product technology in layers. In 2016, Yinluo began to study image algorithms and intelligent equipment, and the company's first product equipped with a video camera began. In 2017, Yinluo Technology intelligent equipment began to sell complete audio and video technology solutions.


Yinluo Technology is a national high-tech enterprise with dozens of intellectual property rights including trademarks, invention patents, utility model patents, appearance patents and software copyrights.


It is an ISO9001 standard enterprise, which has passed the certification of China's national CCC, Network Access License, US FCC, EU CE, RoHS, Canadian IC and other country certifications.

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